Lindal Elements

Lindal Elements were created by Lindal to offer simple but elegant modern Post & Beam “blocks”, or Elements, that can be combined and configured in infinite ways to allow you to organize the various functions within the home in response to your building site, and in keeping with your budget and lifestyle. Lindal Elements, like all our homes, feature materials of high quality and beauty, including Lindal’s signature Western Red Cedar for siding, trim, windows and decks. There are three standard size square blocks, but we can re-size them and still maintain the efficiency inherent in the concept. These homes typically have flat, or low-pitched roofs and large areas of glass, and can be as small or as large as you need. We have done Lindal Elements homes as small as 1200SF and as large as 4200SF. The Lindal Elements Design Portfolio is viewable on or available for purchase at Atlantic Custom Homes.