Small Homes – Small Treasures

20 Jan Small Homes – Small Treasures

Lindal Cedar Homes’ Classic and Modern small homes emphasize quality over quantity

We are increasingly designing homes for customers who recognize that large quantities of square feet are not necessary for comfort and gracious living, and that pride of ownership includes satisfaction that you have built what you need, not the biggest house you can afford. Although we see a trend towards smaller, more space-efficient homes, smaller doesn’t have to mean cramped, or confining. Our customers often marvel at how a small home smartly designed with an open floor plan, lofts and walls of glass can seem so large. Our Post & Beam system of on-site construction permits – and we encourage – customization by you to your exact requirements.

Lindal offers many home designs under 1500SF, and accessory structures (like guest houses and studios, such as the Mod Fab) under 500SF. Each of our homes carefully uses the space and multiplies it with high ceilings and lots of windows to create an “inside/outside” effect.

You can view Lindal’s Small Treasures brochure, and all the Lindal Planbooks: the Classic designs, Living Dreams, the modern Lindal Architects Collaborative, Lindal Elements, and Turkel Design Lindals, all for free by registering on and going to the Bookstore. At the bottom of the description of each planbook click on View free digital book.